Kawakamii Tree From
The Paulownia Tree Company
showing growth over 6 month period
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Paulownia Dragon Trees
(Also Known as Paulownia Trees, Empress Trees,
Dragon Trees and Royal Paulownia)

Plant Today & Save Money on Your Utility Bills!

Paulownia Dragon Trees will give your house shade in the summer, and the suns warmth in the winter.

Grows from 4" to 30' In Just Three Years!
Yard Fully Shaded with Blooms!

Fast Growing Shade, Decorative, Ornamental and Forestry Trees!

The perfect gift for everyone you know…
Including Yourself!

The gift that lasts a lifetime 85-90 Years!

Safe to Order and Plant All Year Round!

The Paulownia Tree Company
(Selling Paulownia Trees Since 1998: Licensed Nursery)


        Did you know that if you and everyone you knew planted just one Paulownia; your one tree would remove 48 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year, release 13 lbs. of oxygen per year, and absorb 24 gallons of wastewater per day!

Give the Gift That Lasts A Lifetime!

From 4" - 30' in just three years !
Beautiful, fast-growing trees yielding
a steady supply of renewable resources.
Kawakamii ~ Elongata ~ Fortunei


(Also Known as Dragon Trees, Empress Trees and Royal Paulownia)
Dragon Trees
went to the Oscars
and were
Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show!

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Seven year old Kawakamii Tree
Smithville, Maryland

What our customers are saying...

     We purchased your trees for our pasture to see how it would do as a shade tree as well as being a “safe” nonpoisonous tree that they could be safe eating the leaves or pods as they could reach them over the fence. The results were unreal…..both trees took off the second year and just got huge! They are now about 5 years of age and must be at least 30 feet tall providing EXCELLENT shade for our horses! We have ordered more dragon trees to plant in various places to do the same thing as these first two have done! Horse People…..these are GREAT additions to your pastures as a shade tree that safe and grows quickly. Easy to care for once they are planted and take root….. I have attached some pictures of our horses enjoying the shade of these wonderful trees. We are sold on the product! Photo here

Mrs. Holly G. Owner/Manager of Apafia Farm, A Place Apart From It All Thomasville, GA

   Needless to say, I am (as are all my friends/drive-bys) totally amazed and blown away by the height this tree has grown in just 5-months. I know it is now over 16-ft tall and there yet remains probably another month or so of the growing season.

L. Needham, California

    I am from Boston and bought three seedlings from you. This picture of one of my trees was taken Aug 24  2009.  After 17 months, it is 22 feet tall with a 5 inch diameter base.  It will be taller than my 2 story house in a couple weeks!  Thank you so much.


    I purchased two of your trees about three years ago. I have to admit that I had a problem with one of them and it died. I got the replacement and put it in almost a full four months after the first one. I cannot begin to tell you the amazement from all the people who see those trees and I TELL THEM THE BIGGEST ONE IS ONLY 1 ½ YEARS OLD!
      This tree has had beautiful blossoms on it for the last two months that are breathtaking. Bees love them! My family loves them. The youngest one is (I am not kidding) about 20 to 25 feet tall! Its base measures between 9 and 10 inches! Both trees are now exploding with new green leaf growth.
      As advertised, you are right, they steal the show! I am ordering three more for my neighbors now!

Bruce R., Florida

      My tree arrived today and it looks gorgeous. This is the best looking plant I have ever received from an online purchase.
      It was well worth the wait. Thank you for a quality plant.

David S., Arizona,

      My trees were delivered today as expected. The trees were beautiful and the packing was quite adequate for the shipping.
      My shopping experience with your company has been an excellent one.
      Thank you.

Ron Tuttle, California

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       THIRTY FEET IN 10 YEARS WITH SHADE AND FLOWERS! Since 1997, The Paulownia Tree Company has been growing these amazing fast-growing flowering shade trees. Your trees will blossom the third spring with lovely edible flowers that are great in salads!
       Plant your tree in full sun and watch it grow 12-15 feet its first year! When mature, the decorative or ornamental Paulownia Kawakamii tree reaches a height of 30 ft. in 3 years, and the Paulownia Fortunei and Paulownia Elongata trees, reach a mature height of 75 ft. in 10 years!
       The Paulownia not only provide shade, but are a source of hardwood, cleaning the air, soil and water. They are a source of feed fodder for animals.
       Soak deeply once/twice a week for the first two years. When mature, water requirements are very low. Not recommended for overly wet soil or salty sea air.

These remarkable trees may be used for:

Ornamental Landscapes


The Perfect Gift that lasts a Lifetime!

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Four year old Kawakamii Dragon

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